Chris & Lisa on the Queen Mary

    Chris & Lisa are the ultimate entertainment duo. Their the perfect fit for the world famous “Observation Bar” on the Queen Mary. It’s an art deco state landmark, seen in countless movies. Lisa’s voice is amazing, and the chemistry together is electric. When Chris plays his classical guitar with Lisa’s saxophone, something special  happens.

Chris & Lisa, the most popular act on the Queen Mary for 16 years, Come see why!

                CD’s available
 live shows & original music

Available for private parties, weddings, and special events

Tuxedo and formal affairs

The Queen Mary

1126 Queen’s Highway

Long Beach, Ca 90802


the World famous Observation Bar

Chris & Lisa on the Queen Mary

take the Long Beach 710 Fwy

south till it ends

every Sunday afternoon

3-8 pm

© 2008 Christopher Noe Publishing BMI

listen to Chris’s song

“The Town of Harmony”

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